Louisville man self-quarantining after he was denied COVID-19 test


Greg Sokoler is on day three of his self-quarantine. He’s got a fever, shortness of breath, a cough, as well as aches and pains. With high risk family and friends, as well as a job that he travels for sometime, he decided he needed to start the process and call the state hotline. When Greg called the hotline he said it took a few tries to get through to a person. He said you have to listen to the automated recording twice before it puts you through to a nurse.

He says they gave him a mask and isolated him in a separate room. The doctor called the infectious disease specialist to determine if he qualified for a test, as per Norton’s policy. Norton Immediate Care Centers cannot take a swab sample to send off to a lab, they can only recommend you to a place that can.

“The basic question that they got stuck on and that I was upset about was, have you traveled outside of the country in the past 14 days? Well, no,” Greg said. “Obviously we know it’s here, so, I don’t understand why ‘Did you travel outside the country in the past 14 days?’ is a question to say, OK you’re a candidate. I think it’s a stop gap measure at the moment.” Greg Said.

Norton said they are following the CDC’s guidelines at the moment because of the limited testing. Norton and other healthcare systems are only recommending the sickest and most vulnerable for a lab test. Greg said the staff said he could very well be a candidate for testing, but his overall health makes him no longer a candidate.

The lack of testing is exactly why healthcare professionals are pushing social distancing so hard. Even when it comes to going to the hospital or urgent care, don’t do it unless you would’ve gone before all of this. The systems are becoming overwhelmed which makes it hard to help those who actually need it.

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