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The world as we know it has changed dramatically over the last few weeks in light of the coronavirus pandemic. Countries are on lockdown, there are shelter-in-place orders, nonessential businesses have been ordered to close, and people have been mandated to quarantine.

Here at home, the coronavirus has been a testament to American resilience. People everywhere are working to flatten the curve together (by keeping their distance and staying inside) and to ensure those who are most vulnerable are taken care of.    

In such uncertain times, Americans can only hope that the media would follow suit and put aside partisan politics in the face of a global pandemic. Sadly, some journalists and fake news outlets can’t help themselves.

The media distorts and misleads, takes statements out of context, treats assumptions as facts, and in general, seems to want to sow as much rancor and fear as possible. This is irresponsible journalism in a time when the nation needs just the opposite.

President Trump is their favorite target, as these examples show.

 In January of this year, the Trump administration took definitive action to slow the spread of the contagion by placing travel restrictions on China. The administration received harsh criticism in the press for this decision; Politico even wrote a story citing public health experts who feared that the Trump administration’s aggressive response could backfire.

Since then, the Trump administration has declared a national emergency, allowing states to access over $42 billion in existing funding. President Trump signed the Families First Coronavirus Response Act, ensuring that American families and businesses impacted by the virus receive the support that they need. President Trump has expanded testing accessibility, is supporting American families, workers, and small businesses with aid and other programs. The president is taking all necessary measures and cutting red tape to support patients and health care providers while working to replenish essential medical supplies and promote the development of a vaccine. 

While President Trump and his team are working together to bring hope, safety, financial relief, and a vaccine to Americans, the press has been busy promoting its own politicized narrative of the coronavirus. Sadly for the media, the majority of Americans approve of President Trump’s response to the coronavirus. The daily efforts by the administration to inform the public of developments have toppled the sensational, politicized narrative of the press. This is a perfect example of how strong executive  leadership can ease the fear of a nation in times of crisis. Another job well done, President Trump.

Cora Mandy is a spokeswoman for America First Action, an organization in support of the Trump administration.

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