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“Am I the Only One Not Living My ‘Best Life’ During Coronavirus?” (Matthew Hussey)


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I don’t know about you, but I’m already exhausted by the avalanche of motivational quotes online right now.

Advice everywhere. Everyone talking. It’s kind of numbing.

Realistically, we’re not exactly focused on how to live our “best” life right now. We’re trying to keep ourselves and our families safe, salvage a few of our regular routines, and keep ourselves from devolving into a Netflix and Oreos spiral.

Well, at least I am.

And just like you probably do, I fluctuate between being OK and feeling intense melancholy about the situation. (I’m also sick of being taunted by home workout videos I’m not actually doing.)

Anyway. If you can relate to any of this, I made you a video.

I certainly haven’t got this all figured out. And you probably haven’t either. But I think there are some very manageable ways we can feel a little better right now, and release the pressure of the unrealistic expectations many of us are putting on ourselves in what is already a very difficult time. I explain them in the video…

One day at a time, friends.

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