Are you a parent or guardian? This your bad habit will kill your child right in your face (Check it out)


We wake up every day to news of all kinds of violence round the globe and even very close to us. And then we frown at the numerous inhumane acts meted out by man on fellow man. But have you for once stopped to ponder on the fact that one way or the other; at one point in time you might have encouraged acts of violence? The child is the father of the man. Every day children are faced with challenges from bullies and are very confused as to how to handle such bullies.

They go home and make reports of how a neighbour or a class mate dealt with them. So, as a parent what do you tell your child? Fight or withdraw? Some parents will go for the first option. To these parents, withdrawal means weakness, foolishness, stupidity, and a sign of giving in to oppression. And the advice would be to fight back.

Some parents even threaten their kids not to report any act of weakness. “Fight back, if you cry to me that you were beaten, I will give you the beating of your life you will never forget” they will voice out to the confused child. The question is, “does withdrawing for safety indicate an act of weakness? Has retaliation proved to resolving lingering issues?”

It is certain that you cannot stop your kids from socializing. They need to interact with their peers so that they can develop the ability to create and maintain positive and lasting relationship. However when they are faced with violent behaviours from their peers they need you to give them the right guidance.

I subscribe for withdrawal. I do not imply not socializing but leaving the scene of violence for peace to prevail. Parents should teach their children to imbibe the behavioural pattern of seeking for peace. Of course, there must be some unwholesome elements around us. But if you teach your children that violence and retaliation are not the key to peaceful co-existence and I teach my children same, then, maybe we will be beginning a journey to a world with little or no violence.

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