Supply network design to address United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: A case study of blockchain implementation in Thai fish industry


Dr Naoum Tsolakis is Research Associate in Industrial Systems and Network Analysis at the Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge, where he focusses on the design, analysis and management of multi-level operations in sustainable supply network systems. More specifically, his main research and practice interests include the areas of simulation modelling and optimisation of end-to-end supply chain operations, enabled by digital technologies, to assess emerging configurational designs for the efficient management of industrial manufacturing networks. Naoum holds a 5-year Engineering Diploma (top graduate for the Academic Year 2005-2006) and a PhD degree in Mechanical Engineering, along with four Masters degrees in the engineering and business management domains.

Mr Denis Niedenzu, Master of Philosophy Degree in Industrial Systems, Manufacture and Management, University of Cambridge is currently a PhD candidate in the Industrial Resilience Research Group at the Institute for International Manufacturing, University of Cambridge. His research focuses on the operationalisation of circularity in manufacturing operations. He is particularly interested in the system change requirements for circularity and the environmental and economic evaluation of a circular manufacturing system.

Ms Melissa Simonetto, Master of Industrial Manufacture and Management, University of Cambridge, currently consults in strategy and operations at a leading international consulting firm. Her professional experience encompasses quality assurance and control in the luxury motorcycle industry; and entrepreneurial roles in FMCG and other consumer businesses. Her interests lay in the areas of sustainable technology implementation and food security.

Dr Manoj Dora is the founder of “Circular Food Forum” in the UK which brings together academic, industries and policy makers to facilitate dialogue and take forward research agenda. His areas of specializations are Sustainable Value Chain and Quality Management with a focus on Lean Six Sigma in the agro-food sector. Manoj’s current research aims to map the circular pathway for food supply chain and its impact across different stakeholders using “lean thinking” principles. Manoj has been successful in acquiring research grants from the World Bank, European Commission, British Academy, and several private companies.

Dr Mukesh Kumar is a lecturer in Industrial Engineering and Operations Management, Institute for Manufacturing, University of Cambridge. His main research and practice interests are in the areas of sustainability, risk and resilience in emerging and developed industrial systems. He has developed risk management processes for global manufacturing investment decisions and supply networks. Before joining the University of Cambridge, his previous roles were in the financial sector as a senior analyst and corporate finance consultant. He holds a PhD from the University of Cambridge in the area of Manufacturing Investment Risk.

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