Ingressive Campus Ambassadors transitions into I4G Circles to impact African youth in technology


Ingressive Campus Ambassadors has transitioned into I4G Circles, a set of communities in African cities and campuses with young Africans passionate about technology and leveraging it to solve problems.

In 2015, Ingressive launched Ingressive Campus Ambassadors to give back to the African tech ecosystem by focusing on students with a passion for tech. The platform advanced the growth and development of African students into future CTOs, founders, and CEOs, by learning through industry experts, networking to build the community and gain from the opportunities attached to the program.

Since launching the Ingressive Campus Ambassadors (ICA), the initiative has built a community with over 20,000 members, funded 300+ training events, activated hackathons over 250 tertiary institutions, and created 100+ jobs in Nigeria, Ghana, Rwanda, South Africa, and Kenya through partnerships with GitHub, Figma, Facebook, Google, and other global tech companies.

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Through interactions with community leaders and thought leaders over the last few years, these communities emphasized the need for support and practical guidance on how to grow their communities. This led to the decision to transition into an arm of the non-profit targeted at establishing tech clubs in cities and tertiary institutions, with the goal to Help others, Add Value, Connect, & Keep growing (HACK) in tech.

“With strategic partnerships with StudentBuild, SemiColon, Tekedia, SkillNav, Dev Careers, and more, we have a few programs like Study Groups, Mentorship Programs, Webinar Series, and Community Challenges. We are currently present in 30 schools in Africa with over 42 Student Ambassadors and 600 new Circle Members in less than 3 months of existence. There is a power that comes with like minds, driven by similar goals, gathering together to help each other grow. It’s inspiring to be part of something so impactful”, said Haneefah Abdurrahman Lekki, Community Manager, Ingressive For Good.

These Ingressive For Good (I4G) Circles are led by I4G Ambassadors, passionate about building the tech and design communities in their schools and cities.

The co-founder of Ingressive For Good, Sean Burrowes said, “I4G Circles represents the next generation of scholars, business owners, and value-adding employees who are passionate about leveraging tech as their path towards a better life. They support the group and build the infrastructure capable of lighting that path. In just six months, we have witnessed the growth of skillsets and jobs for techies in our community willing to go the extra mile to secure their future in tech. I’m proud of this community, and even more so, to know our team is playing a major role in building a better Africa”.

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