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Instaread offers thousands of best-selling books you can read in just 15 minutes | Boing Boing


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In 1982, 57% of Americans reported reading at least one work of creative literature in the preceding year. That number fell to 54% in 1992, then down to 47% in 2002. And, according to a Pew Research Center survey, over a quarter of Americans said they didn’t read a book of any kind in print, electronic or audio form in 2018.

Rather than lamenting the sad state of personal growth over the last 40 years, consider this: how much could you learn and use to further yourself, your career, and your life that everyone else is apparently ignoring?

All that knowledge is locked up in books – and with a one-year subscription to Instaread Book Summaries, you can not only guzzle all of that prime information, but you can do it in a fraction of the usual time.

With our busy lives, it always feels like it takes forever to get through an entire book. But, Instaread makes it simple, condensing thousands of the world’s best-selling non-fiction books down into easily digestible 15-minute summaries.

The Instaread team of experts pair down each read to its absolute essentials, outlining all the key takeaways from a book while still encapsulating the feel and tone of each work that makes it so impactful. 

Each summary is crafted into both text and audio form, which is available to consume or download whenever you like. So, the next time you take a quick break during your day, you can actually down the contents of an entire book you’ve wanted to read, rather than absent-mindedly scrolling through your phone.

From politics to business and economics, from history to self-help to health and fitness, the Instaread archive is vast, housing thousands of New York Times’ best-sellers like Getting Things Done, The 4-Hour Workweek, The Untethered Soul or even insightful biographies like Jay-Z: Made in America. Every month, Instaread adds another 40 new books to their library, so you’ll definitely never run out of subject matter.

A year of access to the entire galaxy of Instaread Book Summaries is usually a $90 value, but right now, you can use its resources to help unlock your mind for less than $2 a month, only $19.99.

Prices subject to change.

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