A Girl’s Worth!

Does a girl’s life mean less to you?

Or a woman’s life, a mere vapor?

To subject her to not just a moment’s pain-but a lifetime of sorrow

Due to that one moment of pleasure

What does she mean to you?

That all you do is use your masculine strength to inflict so much pain on her,

A strength meant to protect her,

Became one of her worse nightmares.

What does that life mean to you?

A child so tender and young to trust you to help her achieve her dreams

But then, Is being forced into an early marriage,

her life slipping before her very eyes and her only offense is that she is a girl.

What does her life mean to you?

Having her mutilated and causing her so much physical and emotional pain, one that will stay with her through life.

And all you can say is, she is a girl!

What if? Just what if?

Does that make her less human?

She is constantly been molested but then she is forced to stay silent, why?

Society will stigmatize her and call her names and eventually put the blame on her,

While her oppressors, just walk free.

What does she mean to you?

She might be a girl or a woman

But she is not less human

She has a life and deserves to live freely.       

By Damilola Oluwadahun for the 16days of activism              

Picture Credit- Pexels

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