“A Simulation of Life Without ‘New Beginnings”- Moments with D

Ever wondered what would have happened if there were no new beginnings?

New beginnings are essential for progress and growth. Every day we make decisions that have an impact on our lives, creating new paths and opportunities. But what if there were no new beginnings? What would life be like if the decisions we made today were the only ones we had to live with forever?

For me, today marks the beginning of another circle, and I have spent the last few weeks evaluating my life as a whole. As I put out on my Whatsapp status some time ago, the previous year for me was a roller coaster. This is because I felt like I was not doing enough and that I was not making enough progress as I ought to. This was mainly because I had compared myself to others so much that I measured my progress against theirs.

I know the danger of comparison, but I was just caught in its web. It must have been one of my greatest lessons during my evaluation. Never compare your story with that of others; your progress differs! So is your story, though it may have an iota of “sameness.” The sooner you know and accept this, the better.

grateful for the gift of new beginnings! Despite how the previous year went, I am grateful that I can look back, learn from my mistakes, and make a conscious step to make progress and become a better me. It is another opportunity to recreate myself in whatever way I want.

I see this as another chance to begin again. a chance to look back, look through the path I have walked and how I have walked through it, and then retrace my steps. Life is not meant to be a straitjacket. Mistakes are a major part of it, and it is through them that I have learned more effectively.

Life is an ever-changing journey, filled with highs and lows. No matter how far down the road you have traveled or how many missteps you have taken, there is always a chance to begin again. Every day presents an opportunity for personal growth, reinvention, and renewal. It can be daunting to enter unfamiliar territory and take steps forward toward building a brighter future. But ultimately, it is about summoning courage, having faith in yourself, and coming through adversity that will lead to success, which is what I have decided to do.

This process of renewal takes patience and practice as we untangle ourselves from our past mistakes or learn from them to move forward with mindful intention. We must remember that we are never alone along this path, as there are many people here to support us on our journey.

I have set resolutions and goals for the year, and I know they will help me stay focused and motivated throughout the entire twelve-month period. One of my goals is to use this space to reach out to you, share my experiences every week, and document every progress I make so I can also encourage you as you live life to the fullest. I hope that each post inspires you and encourages you not to rest in your oasis. Let’s take this journey together; I am sure it will be of great help to you.

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Damilola Oluwadahun

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