Leave to Live!

He said he loved her and she believed him, he said he loved so she stayed with him bearing his flaws, his feisty temper, his rude fists, and his merciless kicks. Was this toxic love worth the sacrifice of her life?

She wasn’t given the chance to know as she bore each punch he threw at her. “I should leave now”, she said. With teary eyes, a pitiful look, and bags of all her favorite things he said ‘he was sorry’.

Again, she believed him, and again she bore the blow, the blows carried unspoken anger, insecurity, fear, and hate, and “she was the only one that could be there for him” he said, not through words, not through hugs, but whips, punches, and kicks until she became numb to it all; numb, violated and quiet!

But he said he loved her! So she stayed with him and he hit her harder till she bled on him. It was finally time to leave but all that was left was an empty battered shell, he had already drained her of everything.

So was this love worth the sacrifice of her life?

Love changes all things they say!

But it probably forgot to change this!

By ABANA ASABE RHODA for Rhealyz Africa

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