Some of the myths surrounding sexual abuse are that only bad girls get raped, a girl deserves to be raped especially when she dresses provocatively or when she has mostly male friends. Some even believe that a girl does not have a right to say ‘NO’, especially to their boyfriends or husbands. Some of these myths will be properly addressed in my next post because as the name implies, they are all myths and there is no iota of truth in it.

 Sexual abuse is so bad that nobody no matter their age, gender, social class, etc deserves to go through it. This is because of the physical, psychological, and emotional trauma it inflicts on victims, if proper care is not taken, some even span through a lifetime especially when appropriate help is not sought or rendered. In cases of abuse, the victim should never be blamed no matter the circumstances surrounding the situation.

To come out of this trauma you need to:

First, acknowledge the fact that you’ve been abused. Even though this is not an easy place to be, the way out is the next.

Then, open up to someone that is trusted, mostly a therapist, someone who wouldn’t talk you down, find fault in what happened to you, care for, and empathize with you. Not someone who would hear your story and begin to tell people around.

Get yourself involved in social activities that would make you happy, relaxed, and relieved. You can as well join a team of people who seek justice for the sexually abused, by so doing, you will be able to lift yourself.

Try as much as possible to be conscious of your thoughts or feeling of what had happened. Yes! You would get flashbacks but before it comes be prepared for it, so when it comes you tell your thoughts that you’re better than what happened and you’ve moved on with your life.

Be careful of the content you go through on the media to avoid the trigger of what had happened.

Most importantly, you can turn your scars into a star by also taking it upon yourself to educate others about sexual abuse and the preventive measures they can take to ensure that they do not go through the same thing as you.

You are a survivor, not a victim!

You’re better than your scars.

You’re worth more than a thousand Rubies.

By Olofinkua Boluwaji Esther

Picture Credit- Pexels

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