A cheerful little girl she was; an epitome of light she was, a vessel of intelligence she was.

“You have a bright future” she was always told.

“I am extraordinary”, she had always believed.

Until she was shown the blade and it dawned on her that there was no means of escape.

“It would be over before you know it -” the little hopeful voice inside her head whispered, she chose to trust that little voice; And so, relentlessly she gave herself up like the sacrificial lamb they had made her become.

While they cut; her joy bled, she went to hell and back. Each scream bore the trials and strength of being a woman, each tear sang hymns of feminine vulnerability, they shred all of ‘her’ away and fed her the pain of their barbarism -the horror of feminism.

“is femininity a sin?” She asked her mother with withered breaths. Her mother tried to hold onto her precious little girl.


all that was left was an empty shell

as each drop of blood flowed

and the sacrificial lamb

relentlessly gave all she had

until she had nothing to offer…

Regrets were all that was left for her mother to hold on to and the little voice in her mother’s head that screamed:  “for where were you? where were you when she needed you?!”



Picture Credit: Pexels

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