“From Timid to Bold: Growing Up Fearless”- Moments with D

An older colleague reached out earlier in the week, and we had to catch up on a lot of things since we haven’t heard from each other in a while. Of course, he has always followed the things I do on social media, and according to him, he has been “wowed” by the results he is seeing.

Well, you might not understand since you do not know my story.

Here’s the highlight:

Most people know me as an extremely timid and shy person (Maybe! Maybe Not!).

I rarely talk, contribute, or make input to any ongoing conversation. I would rather keep to myself and observe. I prefer to work backstage, away from the faces and glances of people around me. I used to call myself boring—maybe I still am (winks). In fact, I do not like social gatherings.

When it comes to public speaking and standing in front of a crowd, I would most times forget my lines.

I remember those days now, and all I ask is, “How did my friends cope with me then?”

In all honesty, I was not being proud; I was just being me. Most times, if need be, I would have rehearsed all I wanted to say, but standing in front of people would make everything disappear.

I remember when this colleague and I met. I had just been employed as a class teacher in this private school, and he just happened to be my senior colleague. I had to work with him in his class because I had not yet been appointed to one.

During one of those days, I remember vividly how the owner of the school walked up to me and said, “You do not have what it takes to teach those pupils because you are too quiet, gentle, and simple.” My personality was at a disadvantage, and he would have to move me into a lower class.

Well, all that is history now, or better yet, I have become a far better person than I was.

Growth did not make that all go away; I have just learned to live through it all—fear, shyness, and timidity.

How did I get to this point?

I started to become conscious of my personality. Even though it was an advantage, I knew it would soon become a loophole or trap because I had started to justify my actions despite the obvious negative impact. I also began to accept that the path I had to walk and the destination God had for me needed a more daring and outgoing person. This consciousness began to shape me into taking on responsibilities despite my obvious fears and weaknesses. They haven’t gone away with time because I still struggle with them a lot, but I have learned not to allow them to limit me.

I have had the opportunity to air my opinion on different platforms, and I have become more open and would even lead certain conversations—not because I am now perfect but because I know that I would only be shortchanging myself if I didn’t grow up and come out of my shell.

Growth is a process. It takes time. It’s just important that you take one step at a time and never rest or become too comfortable with your present position. The truth is that I am aware that I am not doing enough and that I am not even close to the future I envision for myself. However, this is me encouraging ‘us’ that there is so much ahead on the other side of our fear and timidity. The sooner you know about and agree with this, the better.

I am grateful to God for how far I have come; a lot has changed about me, and a lot will still change. The truth is, your weaknesses can become your greatest strengths if only you can harness them.

As we transition from one stage of life to another, many of us will face challenges that may include timidity and fear. It’s important to remember that these are natural parts of growing up and they can be overcome with time, patience, and perseverance. Through self-reflection, discovering our passions, and striving for our goals, we can learn to build confidence in ourselves.

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Damilola Oluwadahun

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