Gender Equality is Achievable through a Changed Mindset.

Rhealyz Africa’s Project Director’s Conversation on Radio

The project director of Rhealyz Global Empowerment Initiative ‘Rhealyz Africa’, Damilola Oluwadahun was hosted by FUTA Radio 93.1FM during one of their programs ‘Campus Splash’. The program was anchored by Ifeoluwa Olojede and was organized to commensurate the International Women’s Day 2022 whose call to action was #breakthebias.

We presently live in a society that is believed to be dominated by men, a society where women are denied certain rights and privileges and are termed “less”.

Damilola emphasized that even though society is the way it is, women and girls should take it upon themselves to develop themselves, build value so that they will be able to stand out in society. She advised them to take quality time to invest in themselves and build their capacity in their various fields and career paths.

She also emphasized that there is a need for women and girls to change their mindsets and thinking patterns and never to see themselves as ‘less’ in society. They can be more, achieve more, and become more, than what society has projected them to be. The change in mindset will help women and girls see themselves as they ought to. It will also enhance their self-development, which will aid their relevance in society.

Several women in society have broken the bias by being at their best and contributing their best in their workplaces and society at large.

In bridging the gender equality gap, it is imperative that women and girls take it upon themselves, not as though they are fighting or in competition with men, but simply to unleash their capacities and all that they have on their inside, being the best version of themselves that can ever exist.

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