Girls’ CAP Monthly Meeting: A Blend of Inspiration, and Creativity

The Rhealyz Africa Girls’ CAP monthly meeting commenced promptly a few minutes past twelve, with the national anthem followed by the Girls’ CAP pledge.

Afterward, the students were asked how their holiday went, many opened up that it was interesting while some said it was boring because of house chores and not seeing their friends. They spoke about their success and challenges on their monthly reach out where some talked about their inability to reach a lot of people during the holiday and others were able to reach out to people because there was no school work.

In a showcase of artistic prowess, members of the crafts and writing groups unveiled their holiday creations, with admiration and applaud.

Exciting events followed, capturing the girls’ attention with interesting games and educational videos. Inspirational videos with international change-makers sparking conversations about self-worth and value, initiatives carried out by girls from other nations who are also change agents, and community effect, all of which serve to fuel a shared desire for change.

The training ended with a break-out session comprising writing, communication, and crafts. They discussed with their different facilitators and submitted their assignments for evaluation.

After the training, we got feedback from some of the girls. Feranmi Balogun said it was interesting, Ife Akintayo gained new ideas and they planned to work around having projects in their various schools and communities.

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