Girls & Worth: Retain Your Value

An Exposé to Girls on International Women’s Day 2023, Gender Equity, Stronger Together.

The month of March is always a very emotional moment for me because it allows me to look back and reflect on my life as a woman, and most especially as a girl-child advocate. It is a time to reflect on the many challenges we go through as females and celebrate the amazing women who have pushed through despite all odds, societal pressure, and stereotypes.

It is one thing that gives me the courage to keep pushing—the number of women I know who have had to break the boundaries and set new standards. Their achievement kind of gives me hope that things can always get better and that being a woman should never be enough reason to justify the things I can or cannot do.

In my experience as a girl-child advocate, even though it has been quite interesting, it has also been challenging, because I have seen girls who have embraced their self-worth and others who are still struggling with self-acceptance and a deep sense of worth. This event is a constant reminder that until we get to that point, where every girl sees herself as valuable and an asset, we will not rest.

Why am I saying this? I have had to interact with girls primarily because of my work, and I have seen them reduce themselves to nothing apart from being tools of sexual satisfaction for boys and men around them.

I have had girls get pregnant during their teenage years and have had to abort because the guy they got pregnant for was not ready to be a father. One question that keeps coming to mind is: for how long will you allow your body to be used by people who do not even see value in it? How long will you keep sacrificing your body to people who do not see your worth? How long would you have to go through the pain of having to raise a child alone or the trauma of abortion so you could prove a point to a guy who does not see you beyond a sexual tool?

I always say that being a girl does not make you less. You have a whole life ahead of you, and the earlier you realize this, the better.

You have worth, you should embrace it.

Take your life in your hands and make the most of every opportunity. You don’t have to sacrifice your body, education, future, and life as a whole because of the pleasures of today. It starts with you seeing yourself as a girl who has worth.

What future do you think awaits you? Do you want to look back and suffer the pain of unfulfilled dreams? Or do you want to look back and also join the crop of women that will be celebrated in years to come?

As we celebrate the achievements of women who have chosen to break the bias, women who have risen above the status quo and carved a niche for themselves in their different fields, I would like to remind you that you also have what it takes to succeed and thrive in your chosen field. You have got a lot to offer, and the world is also waiting to celebrate your beautiful achievement.

Don’t be fooled… It is your responsibility to build your life and own up to the reality that comes with it while also embracing the process you will have to take to get to your desired future.

You are advantaged! You have a worth!

Damilola Oluwadahun

Executive Director

Rhealyz Africa

Image credit- Freepik

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