My sexual abuse story and how I overcame!

Oh no! Not again.

I didn’t want to do it again but I just kept on and on. I hope I will be able to overcome?


I’m an advocate for children, the oppressed, the less privileged, the voice of the voiceless. Winning cases was no longer seen as an achievement because I put in all my best to get all the pieces of evidence that cannot be denied.

My law firm consisted of just females- housekeepers also are all female.

I can’t stand the look of a young gentleman especially if he’s bearded, muscled, and tall.  All my hormones begin to run fast, my heart beats fast and uncontrollably too. I would have gotten down with them before I realize I’d done it again.

I had a rape case of a 13year old girl whose parents are humble and sold plantain by the roadside. I had to work with a young male lawyer, although I resisted with the whole of my being, he was the only person that could help ensure that justice is served.

We drove in my Jeep as we stopped by to conclude our talk that afternoon about winning the case. While he was talking, I couldn’t think straight. Even though I knew he was talking, none made any sense as my hormones failed me again. Right in my Jeep, it happened again before I could say jack.

Oh no, not again!!!


He is my elder brother’s friend, so most time, he is in our house.

The first day he forced himself on me, he warned me not to tell my brother. He said I will die if I did and so, I kept it to myself. It didn’t stop there, he continued for years till he traveled. It was then I realized I couldn’t control myself any longer. I looked for anything, anyone available to get back my sanity.


I realized I was in trouble because I can’t but sleep with every young man that comes my way. I nursed anger and hatred for the guy who turned me into this while thinking of how to take huge revenge on him when Jane my friend invited me to fellowship with her in her worship center.

“But Jane doesn’t know much about me and the hatred I nursed. How come this minister talks about me”, I wondered. After everything, I ended up giving my life to Christ and the study of the holy book.

It wasn’t easy I must confess I struggled with it but in the end, I OVERCAME.



You can still live a normal life even though you’ve been through an abuse. It is possible to find and access help.

A work of fiction written by Boluwaji Olofinkua for the 16days of activism

Picture Credit- Pexels


  1. This is a nice piece. However, I feel the end left the readers dry. People who are passing through similar experience would have love to read an in-depth piece on how to overcome the desire and urge.

    Kudos to the writer anyways. I enjoyed every bit of it

  2. We live in a world where sexual abuse is at its peak and it has become norms. Leaving the victims vulnerable and broken for the rest of their life if care isn’t taken. There is a need for a great awareness and sensitization so as to know the right steps to take instead of being victimized. There is power in speaking out but we must do so in a proper way

  3. Lovely write up, we should all say no to child abuse and molestation.
    Many of these abuses happens with close family, it is our duty as parent or older adult to protect younger once. While we are raising our girls, we should make sure we are raising our boys right too.
    The damages done by these perpetrators are mostly never overcome by their victims, the leave with the trauma for year and sometime transfers the aggression to other people.
    We should be nice and sensitive to people around us because we don’t know what they are battling it.

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