“Kit-a-Child Outreach Program by Rhealyz Africa”

Supporting a child’s education may seem like a small act, but it can significantly impact a child’s education. Rhealyz Africa, through its Kit-a-Child Project, engages primary schools regularly in disadvantaged communities to provide scholarships and writing materials for children in these communities. This program helps children to continue their education and succeed in school.

For the new academic section 2022/ 2023, the Rhealyz Africa Kit-a-Child team of advocates led by the Team Leader and Director General of the Organization, Dr. Ireti Adesida, and the Kit-a-Child Project Manager Feranmi Omolade paid a courtesy visit to St. Williams R.C.M Nursery and Primary School, Oda on the 4th of October, 2022 to provide the pupils with writing materials for all the pupils, school bags for pupils coming to school with sack bags of used food items. Footwear for pupils in the lower class and scholarship support to the beneficiaries (existing and new) of the Kit-a-Child Project were also provided.  We had a total of five beneficiaries selected from low-income families, some of which are orphans, physically challenged, and children of farmers.

The team leader addressed the parents of the beneficiaries. He spoke with them about what Rhealyz Africa has done for the pupils in the past and their plans for sustaining the project. He also talked to the parents about their roles and responsibilities as parents towards their wards. He assured them that the team will continue to check up on the beneficiaries to monitor their performance.

The parents appreciated and prayed for the progress of the organization. One of them said his child now pays more attention to his studies and his willingness to learn. The school’s headmistress also expressed her profound gratitude for the kind gesture and encouraged them to do more.

The beneficiaries were presented with writing materials, school bags, and scholarship support. All other pupils in the school from kindergarten to Primary 6 were given writing materials. The Kindergarten Pupils also received footwear courtesy of PEP Stores.

The pupils were so happy during the distribution of the writing materials. Their smiles could show how happy they were to have new writing materials. The principal and teachers appreciated Rhealyz Africa for all they gave to the school.

The Rhealyz Africa Kit-a-child team felt fulfilled. One unique response we got from the team after the outreach was, “It was fulfilling to be able to put smiles on the faces of the kids”. 

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