Maximizing your potential as a 21st-century lady

Rhealyz Africa’s team lead and program director’s speech at the Winning Woman’s Conference

Everyone in society has a role to play in breaking the bias, bringing an end to stereotypes, and creating a thriving society. This formed the conversation on Saturday, March 19th, 2022, during the Winning Woman’s Conference organized by Spencer John. The program was themed “Break the bias: Maximizing your potential as a 21st-century lady,” and our team lead and program director, Ireti Emmanuel Adesida, served as one of the keynote speakers.

During his speech, he said that as a 21st-century lady, it is important for you to identify opportunities and also maximize them if the bias must be broken.

He emphasized that gender equality and feminism revolve around one thing- equal opportunities for men and women. If this must happen, then you must brace up as a 21st century lady, build and develop your skills and talents. This is to ensure that you can bring something to the table. It will also position you to function maximally when it comes to issues that are of great importance in society.

He also stressed that as you grow, following your dreams and passions, you should be humble enough to learn from others who have gone ahead of you. This will help you journey farther because you will be riding on the shoulders of the elderly. He also mentioned that during your journey, there will be times when you will be tired, so, you need friends, and accountability partners, people who will encourage you, especially during your weak and lowly days.

Life was not designed to be lived alone. No one can build a successful career or business in isolation. We all need people- people who we can be accountable to and vice versa.

The 21st-century lady has a lot to offer and society will never be complete without their input and contributions. It is also important that both gender work hand in hand, support each other, and create a safe space where everyone can thrive. 

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