Rhealyz Africa Kit a Child Move to Support Elementary Education in Ondo State

Rhealyz Global Empowerment Initiative, ‘Rhealyz Africa’ through its day of impact outreach had distributed free educational materials to primary school pupils in Ondo State. Rhealyz Africa organized the latest Kit A Child Project edition to celebrate the team lead’s birthday which according to him is a way of giving back to society and providing the needed support for the less privileged in some of its adopted schools.”

Decrying the extent of rot in the country’s education sector, the group stated that “Every child is expected to have access to complete education and no child should be left behind.”

According to the Team Lead, Mr. Ireti Adesida, “The kit-a-child project is targeted at pupils in primary school. It is meant to build and develop their vocabulary skills, create a conducive learning environment, provide scholarship support and learning materials, and engage them in activities that can improve their creative skills”. The event took place on Friday, 13th May 2022.

There was a group of volunteers present for the event supervised by the organization’s Project Director, Damilola Oluwadahun, a passionate advocate for girls and children. The team was received with so much joy and happiness by the school led by the headmistress, Mrs. Faniyi.

The pupils were educated on sex education, gender-based violence in society, some of their red zones, and the importance of speaking up if any of them have been or might be sexually harassed. The pupils were introduced to the scrabble game, primaries 4 and 5 were engaged in a book reading session led by erudite book reading facilitators which included a prominent on-air personality within the state, Moninkanla Ogidan, and primary three pupils were engaged on hygiene and health education while primaries one and two were engaged in creative arts, the hand paint splash. The books read by the pupils of primaries 4 and 5 were part of the donations to the school.

For each of the activities, the pupils who performed exceptionally well were rewarded with exercise books courtesy of one of our sponsors and Maclean toothpaste which were also distributed to all teachers and volunteers.

It was an exciting time as the pupils expressed their satisfaction. The primary six pupils were incredibly grateful because it was the first time they were being exposed to the scrabble game. “There will be subsequent follow-up meetings and interactions with the pupils to ensure that they are grounded with the game and, most importantly, improve their vocabulary,” said Ireti Adesida. One of the pupils in primary six said she would be glad to also teach other pupils like her what she has learned with the scrabble game.

The school management appreciated the group, as the school was also presented with tables and chairs to cater to their needs. The school teachers, through the headmistress, expressed their gratitude as they prayed for the organization and thanked them for the massive support they received.  According to them, the program was a great blessing to the school and a great contribution to the lives of the pupils of that school.

The Rhealyz Africa Project Director, Damilola Oluwadahun especially expressed satisfaction that the project has helped impact the lives of many families over the years. In her words, “we will not relent, we will surely do more.”

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