Our Time is Now- Our Rights, Our Future! Challenge of being a female

How would it feel like, if gender inequality were curbed in our society and female empowerment were encouraged?

Bridging the Gender Equality Gap!

According to a recent survey by Forum’s global gap report, “only 22% of the world’s professionals are females, compared with 78% who are males.

Based on subsequent analysis, even high-achieving girls unachieved when they were asked to ‘think like scientists. Girls were less confident showing science and mathematics problems and reported higher levels of anxiety towards maths.

“Women might disproportionately avoid scientific pursuits because their self-view leads them to mischaracterize how well they’re objectively doing on any given scientific task”, (the print, 2019).

However, this is because girls are affected by an inferiority complex. After all, they know that if they speak up, their service would be at risk.

We’re partially treated compared to men.

Introducing a story of mine; My challenge being a female child

I am a young passionate girl, below the age of 18. I was born in a family of 3, two boys and a girl. Being the only girl in my family seems like nothing but hell.

I am growing up with these stereotypes;

“All females will eventually end up in the kitchen and be submissive to their men”.

Therefore, leaving me suffering, washing and doing all chores alone in the house.

Burdens me alone, only because I’m a female child, my male siblings doing things that please them.

I’ve worked, plowed, and planted barns, and no man could help me. And am I not a girl??

I could work and eat as much as a man.

When I could labor and bear it as well. But am I not a girl??


We are not saying we do not need men but all we’re asking for is to be given equal rights like male children.

Although attempts have been repeatedly made to close the gender equality gap in many parts of the world, inequality remains one of the major threats to female existence.

In some places, female children are even considered evil and then, denied their right to live, go to school, or become whatever they wish.

Despite the little progress in curbing and closing the gender equality gap in education, religion, politics, or other phases of life, inequality remains the norm around the world.

Female children must be adequately recognized in all!

There must be massive awareness and promotion of gender equality among families, especially in Africa, where this is more pronounced in family settings.

Traditional beliefs must change and religious teachings must equally reflect the need to ensure proper equality among both sexes.

In conclusion, gender equality must be properly addressed and every nation should endeavor to practice and adopt the benign conferences on gender inequalities especially as it affects the female child.

Our time is now- our rights, our future!

We must stand up to this challenge!

Yes! I am a girl child, but, my gender does not determine my future!

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By Adebayo Sekinat Adenike, Rhealyz Africa Girl’s Capacity Attainment Program (Girl’s CAP), Member.

Image Credit: Freepik

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