She was told that she was too fat;

“Cut down on all those carbs!”

“You won’t fit into a prom gown! How can a fatty be a prom queen?” They always taunted

He was told that he was too skinny;

“Hey sissy, your wife would have to call you wife”

“Be careful you might get blown away” They mocked

She was told that she was too thin;

“I found your look-alike in the biology lab, say hi to the skeleton for me” they jested

He was told that he was too tall;

“How is the weather up there buddy”

She was told that she was too short

“How is the weather at that altitude”…..

You might not be built to fit a super model’s style but you are capable of being a role model.  What is the definition of human? It is a creation filled with flaws and imperfections and different unique characteristics but in all that imperfection there lay a beautiful perfection that is unparalleled.

Black, Brown, Yellow, White; Different colors, Different cultures, Different races, Different features, there lay an undefined beauty.

Some people feel pretty when they are covered in make-up, wigs, and jewelry on and some feel fly when they are in their sports cars, sneakers, and fly hoodies. But what happens when all that is taken away, do you still feel pretty, do you still look in the mirror and love yourself?

A wise man once said, “it is not your job to make people like you, the right people will find and love you for who you are”. You just have to be you and keep being a better you, the best version of yourself. Loving yourself first, it doesn’t matter if they don’t love you. After all, people’s tastes will always change, so are you going to keep changing to fit their standard of beauty?

 When you begin to love yourself selflessly you begin to accept your flaws as uniqueness and you appreciate who you are for what you are, you begin to work on yourself and grow not for others but yourself. No joy comes from hating who you are because of how you look or shrinking away because of other people’s definition of what you should look like. Neither, is there any beauty that comes from hiding all your bad attitudes under the canopy of self-love, Remember, you are working on yourself not because you are imperfect but because you love yourself so much that you want to be the best version of yourself for “you” and the few people who truly love and want the best for you.

Be proud of who you are, you do not operate by someone else’s insecurity. Don’t permit anyone to make you feel inferior. You are more blessed, beautiful, and courageous than you give yourself credit for. Look in the mirror and gush at how wonderful you are, cause damn you are pretty!

Count six people you love…

oops you didn’t count “you”

Start counting again and make yourself number one.

You don’t have to fit their standard of beauty, make yours and be happy, For even with scars you are beautiful and perfect.


Picture Credit- Freepix

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