Popular Secret Pain – Enit’ayanfe’s Diary

I was eleven and in the boarding school when I saw it.

I had wanted to relieve myself of a sudden stomach pain that had started that afternoon when I realized that my pants were stained with red liquid.

I knew what it meant; I had seen the senior’s pants stained with this same red liquid on certain days of the month, especially when the thing they put under could not absorb the liquid anymore.

I did not panic like the girl in JS 2, who had cried when she saw it because she thought she had suffered some injury in her private part, nor did I keep it to myself. I told my friend, who was with me in the bush, that there was an air of achievement in my voice. I am on my way to being a woman, I thought.

The head girl gave me a roll of tissue paper, apologizing for her lack of proper sanitary pads. She promised to tell the house mistress so she could put a call through to my mother so she could send a sanitary pad since I did not bring one when we resumed.

My sister laughed when she heard that I needed a sanitary pad. You are really growing fast, she said.

Years rolled by, and all I heard was, ‘Don’t allow any boy to touch you; you will get pregnant if they do, but no one warned me of the body changes, mood swings, or painful contractions.

At first, they claimed it was too much sugar: ‘don’t eat sugar, chocolate, or their families’

I tried my best to comply with these instructions, but I get visited by this pain every month. Sometimes it gets worse, sometimes mild.

It comes as it wishes, at midnight, when everyone is asleep except me, of course. I was writing in pain, hands on my belly, lying down on the bed, mouth moving, and offering prayers to my creator to ease the pain. Other times, in the daytime, at school, at work, or at home during the holidays. Everyone is offering their sympathy, and the older women are sharing their experiences.

I began to seek solutions; there are others who must have found their way around this pain. Suggestions flew in; one said sex makes the vagina wider, thereby allowing the liquid to pass freely. This offer I declined.  And I opt for drugs—pain relievers to my rescue. Every month, I take them carefully, avoiding the ones with adverse side effects.

I’ve learned to live with it. I’m a woman, and I must endure this till it fades away with age.

Written By Enit’ayanfe

Image Credit- Freepix

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