Rhealyz Africa Advocacy Kiana’s Story Part Stay Quiet

Stay Quiet

Gloria and I were supposed to hang out after school on Friday. But Gloria called me to say that it was Fred’s birthday and they were going out. My job was to tell her we went out together if they asked. 

As a friend I cautioned Gloria but she said it was the cinema, since they were going to an open place and it was still daylight, I didn’t see anything bad and only reminded her to take pictures and bring something for me. But it seems like I was wrong because Fred had a different plan.

As Gloria said, during the movie Fred started touching her sexually, she immediately became alert and tried to caution him but he wouldn’t listen, she knew he couldn’t afford to disturb the people in the cinema so she looked for a way to playfully dodge him and gave an excuse that she wanted to use the restroom. She wanted to run away but she didn’t know that Fred friends had followed her to the restroom (she had no idea they were around in the first place) and that was how all hell came loose as Fred appeared and told his friends to strip her as he and his puppets had their way with her. He took a picture of her naked as a threat in case she told anyone what happened.

 “Even if you dare, no one would believe you, but they would surely be interested in seeing your nude all over the net, moreover, remember my dad is very wealthy, so don’t act funny!”.

Well, that was enough to seal Gloria’s lips tight!

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