Rhealyz Africa Advocacy Using Storytelling (End GBV)- Kiana’s Story Part 12 “Survivors”

The administrator didn’t seem surprised like I thought she would, instead she said

“No darling, there is a better option, and do you want to know what that is?” she looked at us with that dazzling eyes and reassuring smile. Everyone nodded to her question, satisfied, she continued;

“You can be a Survivor!”


Noticing everyone’s confused gazes, she chuckled

“Yes sweethearts, you could be survivors, you know, when you are a victim to something that terrible, it is very hard to rise above the nightmare but there is always a way to make the way better. Do you know when you become a survivor, it shows that although you were traumatized, you are not your trauma? Most of all, your story could motivate others to see themselves in a greater light, you could become a role model, a mentor, motivation, and inspiration to others.”

“Really?” Helen asked

“Yes dear, being a survivor doesn’t mean you are weak at all because survivors are brave, springy, and confident. So my dear instead of suicide you could build your legacy by being a survivor!” our administrator encouraged

“And for those of us that are not victims, we could become advocates, enlighten people wherever you go, encourage people to speak up and not to die in silence, don’t stigmatize victims, support each other, don’t join people to blame victims, be positive, encourage people and stand up for what is right… we all have a role to play in developing our nation and putting an end to Gender-Based Violence” Mrs. Praise encouraged us.

Oh I forgot to tell you about Fred’s end, well, Fred left our school after what he did to Gloria but nemesis caught up with him soon enough because he tried to rape a Politician’s daughter and got caught, he was apprehended and arrested, he couldn’t bribe his way out this time because not only was the Politician more influential enough, but he was also an activist against Gender-Based Violence, moreover Fred was also unlucky because he had a lot of testimonies against him including that of Gloria, Yes, I spoke up and testified against Fred, I felt so fulfilled afterward, I am pretty sure Gloria is giving me a thumbs up from heaven.

Because I have not only chosen to become an advocate but I have also chosen to be a Survivor, yes I wasn’t the victim of it all but I was traumatized, but now I can say I am not my trauma. 

By Abana Asabe for the 16 days of activism

Picture Credit- Rhealyz Africa

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