Rhealyz Africa Advocacy Using Storytelling (End GBV)- Kiana’s Story Part 15

Scarry Volition!

Thinking about my decision to be a survivor and how Gloria must have felt while getting sexually assaulted and then I tried to imagine her becoming a survivor. Thus I came up with a poem;

Scarry Volition

I wanna keep running

Choked up with emotions

Emptied of all belief

Depressed beyond measures

Bereaved and weak

I wanna keep running


Yes! Running from Me

I do not want to look back

Back at my ugly past

Back at my dirty scene

Back at my bloody self

I am going crazy

Crazy with nightmares

Threatening to devour me

Will it go

If I scrubbed myself in bleach?

Will it go

If I take my life away?

5 minutes of pleasure for them

A lifetime of torture for me

Can I keep running from Me

Will it hunt me down?

Or maybe

I should become a survivor

And deal with IT head-on

That way

I will no longer run

I will work majestically

With an aura of triumph

A smile of victory

And a new name


By Abana Asabe for the 16days of activism

Picture Credit- Pexels

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