Rhealyz Africa Advocacy Using Storytelling (End GBV)- Kiana’s Story Part 16


Yes! I have decided to become a survivor and let my story be a motivation to others. Because I believe you can survive;

You can survive!

I opened my eyes

To wake up from the nightmares

Could it ever go away

I took deep breaths of fear

As sweats of anguish rolled down my skin

Maybe I should run

Run from what exactly

My scars?

Goosebumps patterned my skin and made me numb

It dawned on me that I had two options

Surrender or survive?

Survive? How?

It was time I put on my shield of confidence

Believe in yourself, chin up

Head high! Deep breaths – then speak!

I opened my mouth to let it all out

The fear, the pain, the nightmares, my story!

I spoke to tell IT I had had enough

To tell IT I am now a survivor

To tell IT I am now a fighter cause it had been defeated

Not me

I had won

I was no longer running; I was chasing

I am no longer the victim; I am the victor

I am no longer scared; I am a survivor

I took a deep breath of relief I hadn’t taken in years

A new breath

One of a survivor!

By Abana Asabe for Rhealyz Africa for the 16days of activism

Picture Credit- Pexels

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