Rhealyz Africa Advocacy Using Storytelling (End GBV)- Kiana’s Story Part 4- “Beauty and the Beast”

Each day passed and my guilt increased. Earlier in the day, I had checked online on the topic “Gender-Based Violence”, and I had a vague understanding of that topic even though I wasn’t the one who was raped I was traumatized with no one to talk to. It is not like I didn’t know the huge importance of speaking up.

“I wondered if it was too late? I wondered if anyone could do anything about it? Does anyone care right now? I wondered if I wouldn’t be in serious trouble? Worse of all I would be blamed for Gloria’s death right?”.

With all this, I felt immense hatred for Fred and it also turned to fear.

Fred was a classmate of Gloria and mine, but he was older than us for two years, he was seventeen while we were fifteen. Gloria had a crush on Fred, Fred found out and started making advances at Gloria. I wasn’t into the whole fairytale because to me Fred was the most unserious guy I had ever seen in my entire life. He was always causing trouble and getting into trouble, even having his gang anchored and ruled by him, most people were very cautious when it came to Fred because his bad was crazily wealthy and he was the only child, even the teachers were cautious when it came to issues concerning Fred.

The only thing good about Fred was that he was good-looking. Gloria felt she could change him and she could make her version of “the beauty and the beast”. Fred started getting a break lunch for Gloria and shielded her like a guardian angel. Gloria didn’t lose her senses yet but gradually she let her guard down. Maybe if I had persisted Gloria might have gotten her senses back. “would she?”

…to be continued

By Abana Asabe for the 16days of activism for Rhealyz Africa

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