Rhealyz Africa Advocacy Using Storytelling (End GBV)- Kiana’s Story Part 8 “Suspicion”

Since we agreed to stay quiet. We did, and so we only tried to treat that day like a dream and make ourselves happy. I even started watching comedy skits to try to make myself sound funny, hilarious right? I wanted to make my friend happy and make her forget the dreadful day. Thankfully, Gloria’s birthday was coming up so we were very happy, at least that kept us from thinking about what happened.

Some weeks before Gloria’s birthday, her mum told her she had to travel. But Gloria felt something wasn’t right because it was obvious her mum didn’t want her to go but her mum didn’t dare to rebuke her dad or she would see herself in the hospital. Oh, that reminds me, although Gloria’s parents tried to hide it from her and her siblings, we knew that Gloria’s dad usually beat his wife. Most times if he was in a bad mood, Gloria’s mum would send Gloria to come and spend the night in my house and the next day when we see Gloria’s mum she would be covered in bruises like she was attacked by a beast when we try to ask her she would make excuses that she tripped or something out of the blues.

Nevertheless, Gloria traveled with suspicions in her heart. Her mum couldn’t see her off as she made an excuse of being sick, hence she went with her aunt. I cheered Gloria up instead and told her I would be expecting her gist and all, and best of all her birthday was going to be ‘da bomb’. With all my friendly chat, Gloria reluctantly left as she followed her Aunt to the village to see her Grandma who was the reason she was traveling.

Gloria called me to tell me about her trip and how Grandma was happy to see her but she said everyone was acting suspicious, her Grandma even asked her if she had a boyfriend or not.

The whole gist only made me laugh and I reminded her to take cute pictures, bring something for me and come back on time for her birthday.

Two days before Gloria’s departure from the village. I received a call from Gloria, she sounded so terrified.

“Kiana! I told you there was something wrong somewhere!” Gloria said

Written by Abana Asabe for the 16days of activism for Rhealyz Africa

Picture Credit- Pexels

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