Rhealyz Africa Engages Girls on Ending the Blame Game

Where should be the first point of contact after a rape incident? Why are victims of abuse silent?

Knowledge is key, and that’s why we engage weekly members of our Rhealyz Africa Girls’ CAP who are peer educators in their communities to amplify the importance of getting help and seeking justice when abused.

During our last training session at Fiwasaye Girls’ Grammar School, Akure, one of the adopted schools for our girls’ capacity attainment program, the girls were enlightened on sexual violence, the culture of silence, the blame game, and how to get help if and when it is needed.

We had a group discussion, and it was emphasized after the discussion that the blame game should never be encouraged because it encourages the culture of silence and strengthens the perpetrator because the guilt will end up being on the victim rather than the perpetrator.

The blame game also empowers the perpetrator to do more harm to others while evading judgment. The victim should never be blamed but be encouraged to open up so they can get help, get justice, and also save others from becoming victims and falling prey to such perpetrators.

The girls were, as always, encouraged to reach out to their peers and others within their communities as usual so they could also be enlightened.

The Girls of Fiwasaye Girls’ CAP during their group discussion

To end the culture of silence, the blame game should never be encouraged. When victims are encouraged to speak up, it is to ensure they get help, justice, and to save other girls from falling prey.

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