Rhealyz Africa Radio Drama Advocacy on Ending Female Genital Mutilation in Ondo State

End Easter Cutting Advocacy

The holiday season is a time often used by people to cut their girls. To sensitize and educate the people of Ondo State about FGM and to also discourage Easter cutting, Rhealyz Africa organized a campaign in the form of a radio drama during the Easter period.

The radio drama was aired live at two radio stations in Akure, Ondo State to amplify our voices against FGM. The radio drama contained two episodes of about 15 minutes each. The first episode was played on Wednesday 13th April on CREST 106.1FM between 3:00 PM and 3:15 pm and also on FUTA Radio 93.1FM between 5;40 PM and 5:55 PM. The second episode was played on Thursday April 14th between 6:30PM and 7:00PM and on Friday 15th April, 2022 between 12:30PM and 11:00PM on FUTA Radio 93.1FM and CREST 106.1FM respectively. The radio drama was a mix of both Yoruba and English languages.

The radio drama featured a young girl, her parents, grand mother, a cutter, a pastor and a lawyer. The young girl was taken to the village by her parents during the festive season and her parents were admonished to have her cut. The girl who had been taught about FGM before and had been equipped with the knowledge and skill to be an advocate and the importance of speaking up summoned the courage to confront her parents, she was encouraged by her friend who was a also an advocate and she also sought the counsel of a pastor and lawyer who helped to intervene.

The drama emphasized the importance of educating and sensitizing girls and women about the act, the importance of speaking up in ensuring that this practice comes to an end. It was also emphasized that no one is too young to be educated about FGM. When people are educated and sensitized, it empowers them not just to stand up for themselves but also for others around them.

At the end of the second episode, we had a live session of 15 minutes on both radio stations, and the essence was to give room for the audience to ask questions, get feedback from them and also to be sure they followed through with the two episodes of the radio drama. The live session at FUTA 93.1FM featured Ireti Emmanuel Adesida, the team lead and program director of Rhealyz Global empowernment Inititaive who is also and End FGM Media Advocate and the project Director of the organization, Damilola Oluwadahun who is also an End FGM Media Advocate. They were able to talk about FGM, its different types, the dangers surrounding the practice, and what the VAPP law in Ondo State says about the practice. We also used the opportunity to address the questions that followed each of the drama episodes.

The second live session at CREST 106.1FM also featured Ireti Emmanuel Adesida, and the Project Manager of the Rhealyz Girls Capacity Attainment Program, Oluwakemi Ologbese. They were also able to talk about FGM, its dangers, the role we all have to play in ensuring that the practice of FGM comes to an end, answer the audience questions and also answer some of the questions that were asked during the session.

We received some questions during the calls from the audience while some of the audience called for more episodes of the radio drama. The callers who got any of the answers to the radio drama correctly were rewarded with airtime as a means of encouraging them to keep up with the advocacy against FGM.

Thanks to the Global Media Campaign to End FGM and UNFPA for their partnership and support. Kudos to all our team members and all the cast and crew of the radio drama especially some of the members of our Girls Capacity Attainment Program (Girls’ CAP), Emiola Afolabi and Omobonikenle Onaolapo.

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