The stars look lost

The skies look sullen

The weather wheezes like it got asthma

Even the morning birds forgot to sing their morning hymn

Perhaps I woke up on the wrong side of the bed

But that doesn’t do enough justice in explaining

how everything around me seems to be darkening like the clouds in a storm

“achoo achoo!!” the brand noise of a fever

My heart felt tight

My mind spins aimlessly like a lost soul in Sambisa forest

I could feel a headache hitting in but I cared less

Nothing seems to interest me

The urge to scream was choking me

It was frightening

I could feel the pain from the pit of my stomach hitting hard against my chest

I tried to hold on to my last thread of sanity and stay optimistic

But I was exhausted

Tired of fighting

Tired of telling myself to stand up and run

Tired of telling myself to be optimistic

The words of the motivational speakers on the radio were starting to grow calluses in my ears

as it was as thou they all read out the same script

I know I shouldn’t give in to the darkness but somewhere at the back of my mind attic

I wanted to be consumed by it and just flow with the dark rhythm

The pain all rushed in at once but this time it was not the fever

I think I was falling prey to the grumpy and miserable man on black who has been trending lately

Mr. Depression finally stretched his claws out to me


@Rhealyz Africa

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