I was swimming in the endless ocean I had unconsciously led my mind to

I was pretty good at swimming

But my coach should have told me that my skills were useless

Against the river bank of doubt and hopelessness

I picked up my phone and tried to look for a source of light

in my 3000+ contacts on my WhatsApp

That was when it dawned on me that not everyone

 with the most used red emoji saved with their contacts were my friends

“You look all happy and expensive, nothing can be your problem”

The words of my favorite bootlickers

At least now I know how to set the bricks

and arrange everyone according to where they stand in my circle

My real friends lent their hands and extended their light to wrap me up like a blanket

It dawned on me that I had the strength

I could swim the turbulent waters and still come out victorious

Most times a success story with a lot of tragedy seems to be a blockbuster

I don’t have to worry about the scars of their canines on my skin

A good skin plug would do the magic

Neither do I have to worry about the offensive odor of their despise towards me

A good deodorant would not only leave me smelling like lilies in the dawn of day

but radiate towards them to block their stench off my olfactory lobe

Cos, I stand strong

Even when I fall

I would rise again and again like the dawn of day

Cos, I stand strong

Strong and firm like mount Everest

Free and flowing like the Atlantic Ocean

They don’t see the pain

They don’t know the sacrifices behind my smile

But In this canal street

I stand strong!


@Rhealyz Africa

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