“Rhealyz Africa Advocacy Using Storytelling (End GBV)- Kiana’s Story Part 13 “Survival Series”

At first, I drew back into my shell, I found it hard to speak up literarily but then I turned to something I loved most, ‘writing’.

Then I compiled the poems I wrote throughout the times I was traumatized to when I decided to become a survivor hoping and believing they would inspire someone out there.

It was “my survival series”


Engulfed in an oppressing silence

Locked up in a world of silence

I tried to speak


The walls kept mocking me

As the words kept hitting

The walls and bouncing back

In complete opposition

 of my will to speak

everything seems to be mocking me

“I should have stayed silent”

Perhaps, the walls could render solace

I am frightened by the power my voice carries

I wanna stay locked up

In my little attic –lonely

And Quiet

“Reasons to live give reasons to die,” Papa said

“someone needs that voice” Mama screamed

Maybe the walls weren’t interesting

In my voice “yet”

But they have forgotten


I still have my pen

And one day

The walls will stay Quiet

When I speak!

Survivors are encouraged to speak out and break the culture of silence. It not only encourages others but it also position them to find help.

By Abana Asabe for the 16 days of activism.

Picture Credit- Pexels

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