“Anita, have you ever seen the wrath of a broken woman?” she asked her lawyer friend, the only person she could tell her pain as her master had warned her not to take matters to outsiders.

Thinking of the man who put a ring on her finger, she smiled a bitter smile carrying a million words unsaid, the anger, the hate, the pain, the brokenness, and the numbness.

Anita looked at her friend, a little bewildered, for a second she could only look and process the question. When the question finally sank in, she felt the urge to give her friend a standing ovation.

“Was she finally coming to her senses, or was this for a short time and she would go back once the spell was over?” Anita thought as she sighed heavily.

“So tell me, are you finally going to leave for real?” Anita asked seriously as she stared at the pale woman with sunken eyes and scars of abuse.

She heard her, but she stayed quiet as she just let her head rest on the headboard of the bed and closed her eyes listening to the rhythm of her own breath,

For the first time she felt the gift of life was one that was grievously underappreciated, as she listened to the calm beat of her heart, she suddenly felt the need to be at peace, to be in a state of tranquility, to be happy.

She was expecting her lawyer friend to keep pestering her but it was suddenly unusually quiet, she turned her head to notice her friend deep in whatsoever she was reading, she gazed at it and found that it was a blog post.

She could barely see the words clearly from where she sat, perhaps it was because she was disinterested in everything at the moment, or the fact that she was quite far from where her friend sat.

She was about to turn her head away when she heard her friend;

“Better!! Eehn thank God she left, don’t go back again, yes o leave to live, a toxic relationship would be toxic so the best thing is to leave and save yourself before it is too late, If only this one that is sitting on the bed not far from me would listen”

“What is it? If you want to challenge me directly, stop going through corners” She said irritated at her friend’s overly dramatic reaction from whatever it is she read.

“My dear I don’t know what to say to you again, not because I have run out of words but because I am angry, I am very angry, frustrated and at the same time, please you need to wake up, that fantasy of a blissful marriage with this your husband is not going to happen not now, not anytime soon, that can happen with someone else, but with Raymond?! You are on a suicide mission, how long will you keep making excuses for him?”

“He said he was sorry, he won’t do it again, it was my fault, I provoked him, I am praying for him, to be divorced is a bad omen, he can’t survive without me, he loves me… and all those your flimsy excuses, when he keeps breaking you over and over, is it to the point where you can’t get back up again that you will finally wake up?” Anita said with a bitter and angry voice

As though the intensity of her voice would make the words she just said to miraculously wake her up the same way the kiss from the prince woke up sleeping beauty.

“Let me send this blog link to you, hopefully, it would motivate you… Check your phone I have sent you a link you should read it in your free time” Anita said

There was a notification sent confirming the received message, followed by silence…

Then there was another notification sound breaking the gloomy silence, she looked at her friend with an inquiring gaze,

“Don’t look at me like that! That was not from me, I only sent one message to you and we both heard it when you received it” Anita immediately defended

She reluctantly opened the message and saw that it was photos, she suddenly felt quite nervous to open it, and she didn’t know why she had this foreboding fear that she might not like what she might see.

Anita sensing the hesitation and look on her friend’s face stood up and approached her.

“Give it to me then, let me open it”

She slowly passed the phone to her as Anita wasted no time in tapping on the pictures, it only took some seconds before the pictures of Raymond with another lady in a scandalous position came into view, the pictures were taken at a hotel and a date and time were indicating that the event happened just the night before.

Obviously, after beating his wife to a pulp he went out to ease his mind with some good time to keep his mental health intact.

Anita just peered meaningfully at her friend, some seconds passed by in silence before Rebecca spoke up.

“Anita check the last drawer and bring out the envelope inside it, I believe you have a pen on you right”

“Dear Mrs. Raymond Rebecca do you need me to call the doctor?” Anita said with a cold yet sympathetic voice almost teasing

“Get the envelope out, from this moment onwards I am just Rebecca Johnson”

Anita looked at her friend a little bit taken aback as she processed her words, quickly she brought out the envelope, opened it, and brought out a white paper with a bold neat heading with the intimidating words “DIVORCE AGREEMENT”



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