The Menace of Insecurity- Safety Tips for Girls and Women

Protecting Women and Girls from Harm in an Unsafe World

The issue of insecurity has been on the rise with girls and women being the most susceptible to some of these attacks- ritual killings, sexual violence, abuse, and all. To create a safe space for our girls and women and also educate them on the provision by security agencies to protect them and curb this menace, we hosted ASCI Daniel Aidamenbor, and DSC Yemi Faboyo-Agbede, the PRO and Desk Officer Anti-human Trafficking Desk of NSCDC (Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps) Ondo State Command respectively during our weekly Radio Show on FUTA 93.1FM tagged “Protecting Women and Girls from Harm in an Unsafe World”

During the discussion, it was confirmed that when it comes to the issues of insecurity, women, and girls are at the fore of these attacks. To curb this, it was revealed that the NSCDC set up a gender desk because of girls and the concerns of female officers in the corp. it was to mainstream gender into the agency, and ensure that there is the inclusion of gender perspectives. The gender desk does an awareness campaign through collaboration with girls about what should be done to keep them safe, and if they find themselves as victims they can come around for help.

ASCI Daniel Aidamenbor said that even though the agency is faced with lots of challenges, their major challenge is a population that is not security conscious. He iterated that lots of young girls are not conscious of their security despite that they are the most vulnerable ones.

While speaking about other measures that have been put in place by the agency considering insecurity, DSP Faboyo-Agbede said that female officers are now arms trained to ensure safety in schools. They intend to carry out an awareness security campaign in schools to train and educate the school on basic security tips.

DSP Faboyo-Agbede iterated some danger signs and red lights that girls should beware of. These are precautionary measures that should be taken note of to ensure maximum safety and security. According to her,

  • You should be wary moving around at night,
  • You should be mindful of the company you keep,
  • You should try as much as possible not to walk in solitary places.
  • Freely move away from places or people you are not comfortable with.
  • Check the faces of people inside public transport and allow the cab to go if you are not comfortable.
  • Notify at least one person of your movement so they can keep track of it.

Addressing issues about self-defense, she said that whatever the level of defense, it should be commensurate with the risk at hand. There are self-defense techniques that may work for a particular situation but may not work for another. It was stated that girls are permitted under the law to take pepper spray along with them but then, in a situation of danger, it is important to do a quick analysis. It is not enough to have some of these things but also be able to access your risk and the possible way out. If what you have on you will help you call for help, use it. However, citizens are not permitted to bear arms except it is licensed. The negotiation technique is a method that can still be used to calm the culprit and if possible, get to a safe zone.

The first and most important thing in whatever risk situation is staying alive. So, in doing the quick analysis, the solution you come up with should be linked first to helping you to stay alive.

During their closing remark, DSP Faboyo-Agbede said that the fight to ensure safety and security is everybody’s business, and young girls should learn to speak up. They should speak up and report so the guilt can be transferred to the offender” while ASCI Daniel Aidamenbor said, “If you see something, say something, the best form of security is that which you provide for yourself”.

In case of an emergency, the phone numbers of NSCDC that members of the public can reach out to in case they need it are 08075534103, 08066345088, and 08032797388.

If you need to talk us, feel free to reach out to us on Whatsapp via +234 813 311 0479

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