Brilliant, Smart, and dark-skinned 24-year-old Cynthia never got the love, care, and affection she always wanted from her family as she sees in some of her friends. This made her earnestly want attention and care at the slightest pinch.

Cynthia suffered a lot of heartbreak and betrayal because she made a lot of friends, giving them the loving care, and affection she wanted thinking she would get the same treatment but she never did.

These made her lose interest in her contemporary and decided to make friends with elderly people. Meanwhile, she had a terminal disease which is one of the reasons she wanted sincere love.

She was so lost in thoughts, tears rolling down her eyes when one of her most respected elderly friends came in unknown to her. When she realized she quickly snapped away cleaning her cheeks.

You can trust me with whatever it is, she persuaded with so much empathy.

Hmmm! Can I trust you, she asked?

Yes, you can the elderly friend said.

She finally opened up her ordeal. Little did she know she was talking to the “whole world”.

“Cynthia! Come to my office I want to see you” called one of her elderly friends and colleague. Off she went. On getting there, she heard the shocker of her life of how her supposed elderly friend mentioned her name with full description for better recognition telling her with some others present all her ordeal. She began to cry and lost trust in people.

Who do you open up to when in need of an ear?

Are you truly the on-end ear to the weak?

Can I trust you?

By Boluwaji Olofinkua

Picture Credit- Pexels


  1. Lovely article, this shows the kind of people that exist in our environment. Most people are more interested in knowing your problem and sharing it with whoever cares to hear.
    To me, trust is delicate, once broken it is hard to trust again, but what I have learnt in life is to seek trust in professionals who will sign non disclosure agreement or with friends that I know are great at keeping confidential information.

  2. People should not be trusted especially the ones you don’t know. The only person that can be trusted is God.

    We all have tough times and we just need that one person to talk to.

  3. It’s ‘whole world’ for me. Sometimes, it’s better to keep some things to yourself than telling people. Nice write up.

  4. We live in a world where everyone wants to be in the spotlight. And sharing the secrets you told them makes them seem like they care, but it’s just for personal glorification. The only shoulder we can really cry on is God , but if you see a good shoulder to lean on, please stick to that person coz we’re not more than two people that really care.

  5. Wonderful write up but one can only trust when met with the right you need to meet the right people to share your secret with. More knowledge my sister

  6. Wow. This got me thinking of who I can also open up to partaining to what I go through. Some cannot be trusted. God bless you for this write-up.

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